BASTA is an organization with a non-profit heart but a corporate discipline who helps all people who can walk through its doors. Its two main philosophies are to aggressively litigate its cases and that everyone who it can help should be helped.

BASTA treats its clients in the manner that big for profit law firms treat their clients and clients of big law firms demand that their attorneys zealously represent their interests within the bounds of the law. BASTA does not believe that lower-income clients deserve any less treatment. As a result, BASTA’s litigation philosophy is to aggressively litigate all cases for all clients.

BASTA has learned that most non-profit groups accept funding and grants that come with “strings attached,” directing the recipient organizations as to who or what groups of people could or could not be assisted with those monies. Such strings often preclude those non-profit groups from representing undocumented immigrants or requires the group to ensure that the client meets stringent financial formulas before any services can be provided to a client. Because BASTA does not accept any federal funds or other financial aid that could substantially restrict its assistance, BASTA is able to help people regardless of economic limitations, immigration status, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other factor.