Our immigration attorneys can help you get permission to leave and return to the US without a visa with an advance parole application.

For foreign nationals without valid immigration visas, traveling abroad is a risky business. They may very well be denied entry back into the US, or at the very least have to complete a time-consuming and cumbersome visa process at an American consulate first.


…they have applied for and received advance parole. Advance parole documentation essentially takes the place of a visa, but it does not guarantee readmission into the US. You will still be subject to the immigration inspection process.

Who Qualifies for Advance Parole?

Advance parole is commonly used by individuals with an urgent personal or business need to travel abroad who either:

  • Have a pending adjustment of status application
  • Have a pending asylum application
  • Have been granted benefits under the Family Unity Program
  • Have been granted temporary protected status

Who Does Not Qualify?

If you are in the US without a valid immigration status, are currently under removal proceedings, or are completing your 2-year foreign residence requirement for J-1 status, you do not qualify to seek advance parole.

Don’t wait until the last minute to file your forms!

Processing time for advance parole is about 2 months, but the document is good for multiple entries over 1 year. This means if you anticipate any possible travel needs whatsoever in the coming year, you need to hire your advance parole attorney now and get your application started. This way, you can rest assured you will have your documentation in hand when the need to go abroad arises.

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