Do you fear persecution in your home country? Our asylum attorneys may be able to help you stay in the US.

In some cases, deportation isn’t just inconvenient or even unjust, but actually physically dangerous or even deadly. This might be the case if an individual is deported back to a nation where they fear for their safety or their life due to persecution by the government or by some entity the government is unwilling or unable to control.

Qualifying for Asylum

Asylum is very similar to refugee status, in that both are offered to individuals who fear persecution due to their:

  • Political opinions
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Membership in a particular social group

The difference is that while refugees may apply for safe harbor in the US from anywhere in the world, individuals who are already in the US or seeking admission at a port of entry must request asylum.

How to Apply for Asylum

Applying for asylum does involve some paperwork, but there is much more to do to prepare a successful application than just fill out the correct form.

Evidence must be presented that establishes you were the victim of actual persecution in your country of origin, not just discrimination. This is where the assistance of an experienced asylum attorney becomes extremely helpful. At Bienvenidos Immigration Attorneys, we understand the legal concepts involved in asylum cases and we have the research skills and commitment required to build the strongest possible argument for granting asylum in your case.

Now you might wonder…

What If My Asylum Application Is Denied?

A denial of asylum will not affect your lawful immigration status. However, if you do not have lawful status and your application is denied, you will be placed in removal proceedings. If this happens, Bienvenidos Immigration Attorneys can help you explore other options for staying in the US such as a withholding of removal.

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