Los Angeles County Superior Court
Case No. BC347852

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13 — “Plaintiffs’ attorneys Daniel J. Bramzon and Albert Robles of BASTA, a Los Angeles based public benefit corporation specializing in tenants’ rights, has announced the settlement of a class action on behalf of a group of tenants who resided at the Vendome Apartment building located at 975 North Vendome Street in Los Angeles.

The lawsuit was filed after a December 2005 fire rendered the building uninhabitable and forced the tenants to relocate. The settlement, which was recently approved on a preliminary basis by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, provides for the payment of relocation expenses and the reimbursement of the security deposits and rent credits to qualified tenants.

Daniel J. Bramzon and Albert Robles, co-counsel for plaintiffs, were pleased with the settlement and declared in a joint statement: “This is an excellent result for our clients (the tenants) in a case that has some difficult and novel legal issues.” Doug Mastroianni of Peter L. Weinberger & Associates, a Professional Corporation, counsel for one of the defendants in the case agreed: “This is a ‘win-win.’ BASTA worked with us to come up with a creative and just settlement that benefits everyone and avoids further protracted litigation.”

If you would like further information about the settlement, you can contact BASTA at (213) 736-5050, or defense counsel D1qzoug Mastroianni at (310) 231-6452.

BASTA, Inc. is a California public benefit corporation specializing in tenants’ rights headquartered in Los Angeles and with a satellite office in Lancaster. The organization has three legal divisions: eviction defense, limited jurisdiction lawsuits, and complex litigation/class action.

Since its inception in 2005, BASTA has obtained nearly $1,000,000 of its clients.

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