Mission Statement

BASTA operates exclusively for charitable purposes by fighting for freedom, justice, and equality through the delivery of cultural-sensitive social, professional, legal, and educational services to those in need. We seek to achieve a moral and ethical society fully inclusive of immigrant rights. BASTA provides clients legal services at the same level of the big for profit law firms and zealously represent their interests within the bounds of the law. BASTA does not believe that lower-income clients deserve any less representation.  As a result, BASTA’s litigation philosophy is to aggressively litigate all cases for all clients.

Many non-profit groups accept funding and grants that come with “strings attached,” directing the recipient organizations as to who or what groups of people could or could not be assisted with those monies. Such strings often preclude those non-profit groups from representing undocumented immigrants or requires the group to ensure that the client meets stringent financial formulas before any services can be provided to a client. Because BASTA does not accept any federal funds or other financial aid that could substantially restrict its assistance, BASTA is able to help people regardless of economic limitations, immigration status, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other factor.

BASTA takes more cases to jury trial in defense of tenants facing eviction than all other non-profit organizations in Southern California combined. We are committed to the idea of social change through courtroom representation of our society’s subordinated groups.



BASTA was founded in 2004 by Danny Bramzon, the son of a Mexican immigrant who graduated from Stanford University and the University of Chicago Law School and began his legal career at the law firm now known as Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard, Avchen, and Shapiro. While working at that firm, during his own free time, Danny helped the office building’s custodial staff with various landlord-tenant issues.

Through those experiences, Mr. Bramzon learned that many landlords ignored state and local laws and wrongfully evicted tens of thousands of families every year and forced many other families to live in slum conditions in violation of state and local health and safety laws that causes significant health issues for the tenants. BASTA arose to remedy these injustices.