Basta Inc.


BASTA in a non-profit organization that provides tenants low cost legal defense.  Founded in 2005 it is now the largest, most comprehensive tenant rights organization in Southern California. 

Tenant Eviction

BASTA is the only organization in L.A. County that provides direct representation to tenants with no restrictions (citizenship, financial, etc.).

BASTA takes more unlawful detainer (eviction) cases to jury trial than all other Southern California non-profit agencies combined.

Slum Housing

BASTA forces slumlords to repair their buildings or sell tem to responsible landlords — and pay compensation to low-income tenants who suffer under slum conditions.

BASTA has obtained over $15 million for families living in slum conditions or fighting evictions.

The revolution starts in the home!

Unlawful Detainer
Jury Trial

BASTA has won more jury trials in eviction cases than every other organization in Southern California combined.  

BASTA doesn’t just take some cases to a jury, BASTA takes every case to a jury.   

Who We Are

Board Members

With proven expertise to lead a team


With the heart and knowledge to win in court


With a passion to help our community with the legwork


To help us identify housing issues and voice concerns

Landmark Cases

BASTA boasts one of the most prolific and successful appellate departments in the state. Our attorneys consistently change the law for tenants in California — strengthening your rights and your ability to fight successfully to protect them.

Customer Reviews

"I got a great settlement and based on how these guys roll in court, the landlords and their attorneys are all scared of them.”
– Brie H. Los Angeles, CA
“I highly recommend this company! Kevin and Tiffany were amazing! They helped us resolve all of the issues with our past landlord! They were extremely knowledgable and gave us sound advice compared to the other attorneys we spoke with. We give them 5 stars without a doubt!”
– Nicole M. Placentia, CA
“Danny Bramzon is an excellent trial lawyer and knows how to fight for his clients.”
– Anthony V. Beverly Hills, Ca